Best 4 Cities for Families with Kids

Best 4 Cities for Families with Kids

When you look for a new city to live with your family, you want to make sure that you pick a city that is not filled with crime. As you start your search for a new neighborhood, you want to keep your eye on the schools that are in the area and also the amenities nearby such as local parks, recreation centers, and more. Below, we will go over some of the best cities for families with children.

  1. Rockville, Maryland

Rockville, Maryland is a great place for young families looking to raise their children. The scenery is beautiful and the city’s school system is one of the better ones in the area. The city is also known for their athletic departments at the schools and children are able to participate in a wide array of sport types. The city does offer a lower crime rate than other surrounding areas, but do pay attention to the cost of living because it is a bit higher than other areas.

  1. Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona is not necessarily a well-known city, but it is one that is perfect for families. The city boasts many events throughout the year and some of the events have crazy activities such as Chihuahua races and an annual ostrich festival. The city is known for almost year round sunshine with only about 30 days or so not being sunny. There are many different fun activities for kids littered throughout the city and the whole family can spend weekends together engaging in eventful play.

  1. Holland, Michigan

Whether you are Dutch or not, calling Holland home is something from a storybook. The city is the perfect place to raise kids as the community is very involved in the lives of the youngest residents. The city has a low crime rate and high-rated community schools, which means your child will get the education he or she deserves. In addition, the city is best known for the millions of tulips that bloom in May.

  1. Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas has been rated number one many different types for its family-friendly atmosphere and city that is designed for children. Many of the top businesses and wealthiest people in the area focus on the advancement of the younger generation. The city itself houses a large soccer arena that is home to 12 different fields and an air conditioning system that helps to keep the field cool when the summer sun is beating down. In addition, the city has six different recreational pools for local residents to cool off. With the many different attractions and activities geared for children, Overland Park is a great choice for any family.

If you are looking for a great city to call home for you and your children, any of the above four options are perfect. Each city has a low crime rate and is focused on the well-being of the children that call the city home.

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