Best 4 College Towns Throughout the US

Best 4 College Towns Throughout the US

When you think of a college town, you think of a city that is focused on football, drinks, chicken wings, and barbecue, right? Partying is the way of the city and each resident is always sporting a jersey on their back. Many college towns throughout the US are filled with more than just a football stadium and basketball court and there is some beautiful scenery and fun events to be had. Below, we will go over some of the best college towns located throughout the US and you may quickly find yourself a resident of one of them.

  1. Claremont, California

Claremont, California is a city where you can earn your PhD while having a lovely time. The city is well-known for its educated residents and also amenities that are close by. Whether you want to spend the day out on the town and sample a bunch of the local coffee and pastry shops or you want to head to the San Gabriel Mountains, you can do it here. Just a stone’s throw away, you can access the Pacific Ocean and catch some waves. Roughly 1/6th of the population in Claremont is college students.

  1. Athens, Georgia

University of Georgia calls Athens its home and you will find that the city life is buzzing no matter the time of day or night. While college students go to school by day, they party by night and enjoy all that the city has to offer in the way of activities and events. One of the perks of this college town is that the rent is not ridiculously high and is actually considered on the lower end. A simple walk in the streets will turn up many different venues, coffee shops, restaurants, and more.

  1. Syracuse, New York

Syracuse, New York is home to Syracuse University and this college town has a lot to offer its college town residents. With the big city of New York not too far away, college students can enjoy the crazy night life filled with clubs, Times Square, and more. While partying is part of the picture, Syracuse is home to many theaters, museums, operas, and classic musicals.

  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you are looking for a tech town, you have found it. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the perfect college town for those students who love technology and those who love the city life. You will quickly find that this city is home to many different colleges including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. The city is also home to a variety of corporate headquarters for top firms including Google, Intel, and Apple. From sports bars to the next tech invention, many college students love to call Pittsburgh home.

If you are looking for a college town to settle down in to finish out your degree, the above four options are great places to consider. Each one has an eventful day and night life that you can get into all while earning your degree.

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