First Year in College? 5 Dorm Room Storage Hacks You Need to Know

First Year in College? 5 Dorm Room Storage Hacks You Need to Know

If this is your first year in college, congrats. You are likely excited about meeting new people and living on your own. But, before you pack your entire room to go with you, you should know that your dorm room is nowhere near the size you are expecting.

Some students are able to see their dorm before they move in, but if you are like many other students, you won’t actually see the room until the day you move in. Below, we will go over some dorm room storage hacks to help you easily store all of your belongings.

  1. Vertical Wall Space Is Your Friend

You will have an open wall or two on your side of the dorm room and you want to make sure that you use it. Vertical shelves and storage options will provide you with the most bang for your bucks. For example, the inside of your closet door may be bare, therefore, hang a shoe rack or use a peg board and attach some shelves to it. Once you have done this, you then have created additional space for your items.

  1. Floating Storage Shelves

Remember how we said vertical storage space is the way to go? You can use floating storage shelves to help provide you with the additional room you need to store your school books, paperwork, and more. The shelves sit in a vertical fashion and can be moved to accommodate the height you need them to be. You can either store a lot of items or just the basics that you need.

  1. Drawer Organizers

You will likely have a desk and drawers in your dorm room, so make the most of them and purchase some drawer organizers or even utensils trays. You can then organize your pens, pencils, sticky notes, and more. Not only will the organized keep your items in place, it will help prevent you from having to sort through a cluttered drawer.

  1. Under the Bed Storage

If you have a small space under your dorm room bed, make sure to utilize this space. You can purchase thin, plastic totes that will easily slide under your bed and store any clothes, towels, or bedsheets that you need to. These totes can hold quite a few items and often come on wheels, so you can quickly roll them out from under your bed when you need them.

  1. Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you happen to have enough room to bring a stool or coffee table with you, consider one that doubles as a storage solution. There are many multi-functional pieces of furniture that allow you to store items inside while concealing them from the outside world.

If you are moving into a dorm, you may be excited and worried about where you plan to put all of your items. The above hacks will help you add more storage space to your dorm quickly and easily.

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