Packing Up Your Appliances for a Move: Part 1

Packing Up Your Appliances for a Move: Part 1

If you own the appliances in your home and you plan to take them with you on your move, then you need to make sure you pack them correctly, so that there is no damage to them when you arrive at your new destination. In this two-part series, we will go over the different ways to pack up your appliances.

Packing Your Dryer

The first thing you want to do before you pack up your dryer is to prepare it for the move itself. This means that you should wipe down the inside of the machine and also clean out the lint screen before you attempt to move it.

Once done, you should unplug the dryer and then move it away from the wall. You should collect any accessories that go with the dryer such as attachments and vents.

Packing Your Washer

Once you have finished all of the laundry you need to, you will have to dry out the inside of the washer and make sure that there is no standing or leftover water. You can use a rag or towel to do this.

Next, you will need to look through the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out how to properly secure the drum of the washer when you move. Too much movement could cause damage to the drum itself.

Unplug the washer from its power source and pull it away from the wall. You should dry off any wet portions in the back and place it next to the dryer to be put on a dolly and wheeled to the moving truck.

Packing Your Refrigerator

To pack up your refrigerator, you should use up all of the items within it or toss them out. Unplug the refrigerator from its power source and wash all of the shelving and dry them.

It may be easier for you to remove loose shelving and transport them separately anyways. You want to take some time to clean the outside of the fridge to include the underside, when possible, the condenser, and the fan.

Do not forget about the pan under the fridge and empty it, so it does not leak all over the place. You need to disconnect all water supplies to the fridge, such as the ice maker.

Once done, you should then remove any loose hardware or pieces and place them in a protective baggy until you arrive safely at your new residence. You should place the refrigerator in a position to easily be loaded onto a dolly and moved to the moving truck.

Check Out Part II

To learn more about packing up your appliances for your upcoming move, check out part II in this series where we will cover other items such as your oven, microwave, and stove.

When you are moving your appliances, make sure that you always clean them and remove any water or moisture, so no mold or mildew will form.

Always use appliance dollies as you move these heavy items to ensure they do not break and you do not injure yourself.

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