Packing Up Your Appliances for a Move: Part II

Packing Up Your Appliances for a Move: Part II

In part I of this series, we talked about how you should pack and prepare your appliances for a move. In that series, we went over the refrigerator, dryer, and washer. It is important that you take the time to prep all of your appliances if you will be taking them with you.

In this part II series, we will discuss some of your other appliances and how you can properly prepare them for your move.

  1. Oven and Stove Top

You should take some time to clean your oven and stove top. You want to remove any old food and grease from the inside, top of, and sides. Any grease that is left on your oven and stove top will collect dirt and dust as you move your items and this can lead to allergies and may damage other items around it.

When you can, remove any pieces that will come off. For example, you may be able to remove the interior racks from the oven and the burners on the stove top. Place these items in a safe place and keep them together to ensure that they do not get lost with all of your other items.

You do need to make sure you disconnect your oven and stove top and then place it near the appliance dolly to be moved.

Please note – If you do have a gas range or stove top, you should work with a professional to make sure the lines are disconnected properly.

  1. Microwave Oven

If you have a microwave oven, you need to make sure that you clean it out thoroughly and remove the glass tray from inside. This tray should be wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap and then placed in a box to secure it.

Your microwave oven should either be placed in the manufacturer’s original box or place it in a large enough box. Make sure the door is completely closed and the cord secured to prevent it from breaking.

  1. Small Appliances

All of your other small appliances can be moved relatively easy. If these appliances have glass parts, you should remove them and wrap them tightly to prevent them from breaking. Items such as your coffee pot, toaster, and blender can then be wrapped and packed into a box with other small appliances.

You do want to make sure you take the time to clean out all of your appliances before you start to move them. Taking along old food and grease can cause bugs and may lead to damage with your other items.

It is recommended that you use an appliance dolly to move your large appliances to prevent injury or damage to the appliance itself.

Also, make sure that you stand your larger appliances upright in the moving truck as tipping them or placing them upside can cause them to become damaged.

If you are getting ready to move, make sure you prepare your appliances to take with you. This is a crucial step in the moving process and will make the difference between a smooth move and a complicated move.

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