Tips for Cleaning Your Christmas Tree after Storage

Tips for Cleaning Your Christmas Tree after Storage

As Christmas is quickly approaching, it is time to start pulling your ornaments and tree out of the storage unit. Of course, you should expect there to be some dust on your tree and you may not be able to just fluff and light. Below, we will go over some tips to help you prepare your Christmas tree after it has been in storage.

  1. Fluff the Branches

When you pull the tree out of storage, the first thing you want to do is begin fluffing the branches and placing them where you want them to go. It can be difficult to clean a tree that has a bunch of branches stuck together.

As you do fluff the branches, make sure to close in any gaps and fill out the tree properly, so that it looks nice from all angles.

  1. Vacuum Your Tree

Using the attachment on your vacuum, go around the tree and dust it off carefully. You want to make sure you use a brush attachment and do not stick it right on the tree.

You should keep the vacuum a couple of centimeters away from the tree as not to suck in the whole branch, but to remove any dust.

  1. Wash the Tree Lightly

Not everyone has to wash the tree, but if the tree has been in storage for a while, it may smell dusty. To wash the tree, simply mix a tablespoon of dish soap with a gallon of warm water.

Using a cloth, dampen it and lightly run the cloth over the braches to clean them off. You should start at the top and work your way down to the bottom.

Once the tree has been wiped down, allow it to air dry before decorating it.

Your Christmas tree is an important part of your Christmas holiday and to keep it looking and smelling fresh after storage, follow the tips above.

You will find that your Christmas tree will last you many years to come if it is taken care of properly.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you are done using the tree, you want to make sure you remove all lights and ornaments first. You should clean the tree again using the method above and then lightly fold the branches down.

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