Tips for Storing Your Summer Clothes

Tips for Storing Your Summer Clothes

As summer is waving goodbye, it is time to pack your summer clothes away and begin pulling out the winter clothes. While this may be a sad day for you, we will go over some tips below to help you properly pack and store your summer clothes.

  1. Begin by Sorting Through the Clothes

You should spend some time sorting through the summer clothes that you have. Consider which pieces of clothing you wear and which pieces do not get worn as much.

Instead of tossing out the old clothes that no longer fit, consider donating them to someone in need or to a charity.

If you have clothes that are ripped or torn, you can toss these items out and replace them once the winter is over.

  1. Wash the Clothes You Plan to Keep

Before you place your clothes in storage, you want to wash them and make sure they are completely dry. If any of your clothes have stains on them, you want to remove the stains BEFORE you store the clothes as letting the stain sit will allow the stain to set.

  1. Fold Your Clothes

Now it is time to fold the clothes up. You want to make sure that you fold the clothing so that the pant legs and sleeves are kept inside of the clothing.

If you have delicate clothing, it helps to place a piece of cardboard inside of the shirt to help it maintain its shape.

In addition, you do not want to fold items that should be hung up as they may become damaged. You should purchase a hanging clothing bag for these items and hang them in your storage unit.

  1. Place Them Neatly in a Box

Once the clothing is folded, place it inside of a box or plastic container for storage. You want to make sure you do not over pack the items as this can cause them to become wrinkled.

As the time approaches to start putting away your summer clothes, think about where you want to store them. If you do choose to place them in a self-storage unit, make sure that you choose a climate controlled unit as humidity can damage your clothing and cause mold and mildew to form.

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