Tips to Keep Your Child’s Toys Organized

Tips to Keep Your Child’s Toys Organized

Are you tired of walking into your child’s room and tripping over toys? Stumbling in the middle of the night or having a Lego stab the underside of your foot is not the best idea of fun and you no longer have to worry about that. We will go over some tips to help you organize your child’s room quickly and effectively.

  1. Go Through the Toys

Sit down with your child and go through his or her toys. Remind him or her which toys he or she doesn’t play with anymore and encourage them to donate some of the toys to children who do not have any.

You can toss out any toys that are broken or missing pieces and keep the ones that your child actively plays with.

  1. Choose a Place for the Toys

Whether you need to go buy a bookcase or two, the toys need to have a designated spot. Consider labeling areas in the room where the toys should go. For example, if you have a bookcase, place books on one shelf, musical toys on another, and so on.

You will find that once toys are in their place, your child will follow suit and start putting his or her toys back in the same place.

  1. Keep Stuffed Animals Off the Floor

If your child has a ton of stuffed animals, consider getting a net to hang on the wall or from the ceiling. You can place all of the stuffed toys into the net and they will be kept safe and off the ground. The net is stretchy and can hold a large number of stuffed toys as well.

  1. Make it a Game

You can make cleaning up and organizing your child’s toys a game. For instance, you could have two of your children race to see who can get their room clean and organized first. Or, you could play a game to see who can keep their room the cleanest throughout the day.

If you do choose to play a game, don’t forget to set the rules and let your child(ren) know they will receive a prize.

Organizing your child’s room does not have to be difficult and if you work hard to teach your children to organize their toys and put them back, you and they will be able to enjoy a clean room.

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