Ways to Organize Your Beauty Supplies with Items You Have Around Your Home

Ways to Organize Your Beauty Supplies with Items You Have Around Your Home

From eyeshadow to brush and body sprays, oh my! You probably have a lot of beauty accessories and makeup products in your home and guess what? That drawer is just not big enough for them all. And, if it is, your items are not properly organized and you have to dig through piles of items just to get to the stuff. Below, we will go over some ways that you can efficient store your beauty supplies with items that you likely already have around your home.

  1. Use a Glass or Cups

If you have a mug, cup, or glass that you no longer use, you can utilize it to organize and hold all of your makeup brushes. Simply place the cup on your bathroom counter and place the handle of the brush into the cup. You will be able to see which brushes you have and access them quickly when you need them.

  1. Spice Rack

If you have a lot of hairsprays or body sprays that you use on a regular basis and you are tired of reaching underneath the sink to find them, place a spice rack on top of your bathroom counter. You can place the sprays into the spice rack and keep them organized. The best part about using a spice rack is that each level sits higher than the next, so you can always see your item no matter which shelf they are on.

  1. Muffin Tin

Have an extra muffin tin that you are not using? If so, place it in your hallway closet and fill the cups with your hair ties and clips. You can organize each hair tie and clip based on its color, size, or style. You will easily be able to grab the hair accessories you need within your muffin tin.

  1. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan has many different uses and if you have one available in your home, you can use it to organize all of your nail polish. Simply place your nail polish jars onto the lazy Susan and when you need to find a color, simply spin the lazy Susan.

  1. Paper Clip Holder

A paper clip holder is a great accessory for you to use when you need to store your bobby pins and other hair clips. Since the paper clip holder is magnetic, you will find that your bobby pins and hair clips stick to the sides, so you can grab them whenever you need them and you do not have to worry about them falling out and getting list.

If you are tired of having a mess of beauty supplies underneath your cabinet, use the above ideas and items around your home to better organize your space. You will find that the items mentioned above can be used or beauty supplies and pretty much any other items around your home. Remember, organization starts with you, so spend a single weekend and completely organize your home’s interior.

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