Selling Your Home Before a Move? Tips for Properly Staging It

Selling Your Home Before a Move? Tips for Properly Staging It

If you plan to move soon, you need to know that your home will sell before you make the move. When it comes to staging your home, there are some steps you need to follow to ensure that you properly stage your home to sell it quickly. Below, we will go over some of these tips and you should try to implement right away.

  1. Declutter Your Home

No one wants to see all of your belongings inside of their potential new home. This means that you need to take some time and declutter your home and take out all of your personal items. Pictures on the wall? Take them down. Awards from your child’s local boy scout chapter? Take them down.

When it comes to the inside of your home, you want to make sure that your home does not represent you as a person. When homebuyers walk into a home they want to purchase, they want to be able to visualize themselves in it.

  1. Get an Agent

Unless you plan to market and sell your home yourself, you need an agent on your team. Your real estate agent will take care of listing your home and showing it to the right people. You can sell your home quicker when you do have a realtor working with you.

  1. Repaint Your Home

Did you know that you will fetch less money for a home that is painted in funky colors than one that is painted in neutral colors? This is because most people like neutral colors and it allows them to picture themselves living there. If you have a neon yellow or pink room, it is harder for someone to imagine being in that room, especially if they do not like the color. Also, if they hate the color, this means that they will have to work and repaint the room to change the color.

  1. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Lighting is your best friend and many new homebuyers want a home that is well lit. No one wants to walk into a dark room that is gloomy. If you find that the rooms in your home are not well lit, try adding a higher wattage bulb to your lamp. Most realtors and home staging experts will recommend at least 100 watts.

  1. Get a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes it is difficult to look at your home objectively, especially when your home means something to you. To help ensure that you are making the right choices, ask for another opinion. Choose someone who does not know your home personally and can look at your home from a third party perspective. This person will be able to give you pointers about what to change and what not to change.

If you want to move soon, you need to make sure you sell your home or else you will always be tied to your old city for a while. Hire a realtor, stage your home, and you will be able to sell it quickly before you move.

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