Where Do You Live? Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season and Store These Items

Where Do You Live? Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season and Store These Items

Hurricane season is upon us and if you are not prepared, you may quickly find yourself in one of those long lines at the local home improvement store. Before you panic, you can quickly and easily start to pack up some of the items that will pose a hazard, if a storm does hit. Below, we will go over some of the items you need to put in your self-storage unit this hurricane season.

  1. Flower and Plant Pots

Flower and plant pots can become a hazard, especially if the winds around your home pick up. It is important that you bring your plants inside and that you store any empty pots in your storage unit. You can bring your plants and pots back outside once hurricane season has passed.

  1. Swing Sets

While your swing set may be anchored into the ground, strong hurricane winds can become a problem. Of course, your children likely want to use the swing set during the summer, so you can leave it in your yard until there is impending doom from a hurricane.

Once a hurricane approaches or you are in the danger zone, you should disassemble the swing set and place it in your storage unit for safe keeping.

  1. Loose Items in Your Yard

If you have any loose items in your yard, it is time to pick them up and store them until hurricane season is no longer upon you. Loose items are some of the most dangerous ones, especially since they can be tossed around during a storm. While your fear may be a hurricane, a strong thunderstorm with wind gusts can uproot a loose item in your yard too.

  1. Pool Toys and Equipment

If you have a pool, you have probably not thought about the tools and equipment on your back porch. These items can easily become a hazard when it is windy outside or when a hurricane is heading your way. You should place all of these items into your storage unit and then pull them out when a hurricane is no longer a threat. Since you will likely need these items for your pool throughout the summer, it is best to simply store them in your garage. This way, you have access to them whenever you need them.

  1. Dog Houses

Lastly, dog houses can easily uproot and become a danger as well. You should not worry about moving the dog house until a hurricane is heading toward you. It will be difficult for normal winds to lift the house, but it is not impossible, so you just need to be prepared.

Of course, there are other steps you can take to protect your home and vehicle such as placing your vehicle in the garage and even boarding up your windows. If you are worried about an item in your yard or on your porch, place it in storage for the time being. Your peace of mind is important and you do not want your items or home damaged.

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