Storage or No Storage? How to Decide Which Items to Store and Keep

Storage or No Storage? How to Decide Which Items to Store and Keep

If you are sitting in your living room trying to decide which items to take to the storage unit and which items to keep in your home, you may be hard pressed to make any decisions. It can be difficult deciding what to keep and what to send off. Below, we will help you decide which items should go in storage and which items should remain in your home.

  1. Seasonal Items

Seasonal items should always go in storage because you only use them a couple times throughout the year. When you are ready to use the items, simply head to your unit and pull them out.

Seasonal items include things such as Halloween decorations, pool toys and equipment, Christmas decorations, and similar.

  1. Antiques and Collections

If you do not have any room in your home to display your large collection or all of your antiques, put them in storage. Of course, make sure that the unit is humidity and climate-controlled to protect your items.

  1. Additional Furniture

If you have extra furniture in your home that you cannot use or there is no place for it, put it in storage. Not only will you free up some living room space, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture is protected.

If you ever need to access the furniture, simply head to your storage unit. Remember, all furniture should be stored in a climate-controlled unit to prevent damage and warping.

  1. Handmade Kids’ Items

If your kids have moved off to college and you have tons of boxes of their artwork from preschool, send it to storage. If packed properly, the artwork will be preserved and you can enjoy extra room in your home or attic.

  1. Don’t Store Flammable Items

Flammable and liquid items should not be stored in your unit either. When it comes to getting rid of these items, dispose of them properly or store them in your garage until you need them again.

  1. Avoid Storing Personal Valuables

While you can store your jewelry and heirloom items in a storage unit, it is generally recommended that you keep them in your home. You do not want to worry or frantically make a dozen trips to the storage facility just to check and see if your items are still there.

When it comes to deciding what should be stored and what should not be stored, consider your use for it and when you plan to use it again. If you do not see a near future use for something, place it in your storage unit until you need it.

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