Time to Spring Clean Your Storage Unit

Time to Spring Clean Your Storage Unit

Spring is in the air and as the new flowers bloom, it is time to face that dreaded mess in your storage unit. Yep, that mess that you created as you started to pile all of your winter items into it. Before you panic, there is some rhyme and reason on how to effectively clean your storage unit and the tips below will help you keep focus and move through that pile with great speed.

  1. Get the Clothes in Totes

If you have clothes tossed into your storage unit or in garbage bags piled on the floor, it is time to shape up and pull the clothes out, go through them, and get ready to store them properly.

Clothes that are not packed properly can become susceptible to heat and humidity and along with this comes pests and mildew. The first thing you want to do is pull out your clothes and look through them to determine if there is any damage to the clothing. If not, simply clean the garment. If there is, toss it out.

You should place all of the clean and undamaged clothes in a plastic tote to store them correctly. But, before you toss them in there, fold them nicely as you will be able to fit more within the tote.

  1. Put Documents in Sleeves

If you have documents that are lying around throughout your storage unit or in drawers, it is time to grab them and put them into some protective sleeves. Once the documents are in sleeves, place them within a box neatly or get a filing cabinet to store them.

If you leave documents out, you will find that the ink fades with time and the paper turns yellow or begins to curl along the edges. To prevent this, follow the steps above.

  1. Protect Your Furniture

Furniture can become easily damaged in a storage unit, especially if you did not store it correctly in the first place. It is time for you to get into your unit and start looking over the furniture to make sure there is no mildew or mold and that pests have not invaded the cushions. You should also test the structure of the furniture and check the legs to ensure the wood is not warped or unsteady.

If your furniture checks out fine, wrap it with furniture plastic and wrap the legs of your furniture in bubble wrap or another protective padding. You should never leave mattresses lying flat on the ground either as this can lead to sagging and damage to the springs, especially if you place other items on top of the mattress.

If you are tired of sorting through the mess in your self-storage unit, start now with a complete spring cleaning. You will find that the items within your storage unit are much easier to get to when you can walk around and see throughout your unit.

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