How to Pack Up the Dining Room: Part I

How to Pack Up the Dining Room: Part I

The dining room may seem like one of the easier rooms to pack in your home, but it is by far one of the most important. If you do not take the time to pack it properly, you may find that your items do not arrive the same way they left your home and you may accidentally damage some of your items.

In this part one, we will go over how you can start packing up your dining room to ensure a safe and secure move.

Packing Up Your China

To start, grab all of your China and place it on your dining room table. Go through and match like pieces with like pieces and ensure all dishware is clean and ready to be packed.

Start by wrapping all of the individual pieces in newspaper and securing the newspaper with tape. You will need to use quite a bit of newspaper to protect your fragile items, so do not worry about using up too much wrapping.

Once you have all of the items wrapped, start placing them in the box together in a neat pattern. You want to label the box FRAGILE. You should avoid packing the box too heavy, as it will break on you during your move.

If you have China plates, flatware, and platters, you may want to find a box designed to hold these types of items. These boxes are usually thicker and have spaces designated for your individual plates. You will still need to wrap these items though.

Lastly, whatever you do, make sure to place some padding on the bottom and top of the inside of the box before you add your China to it.

Packing Up Your Cups

As mentioned above with the China, there are special boxes designed to hold cups. These boxes have special dividers, but you do not have to use them.

You should start by grabbing a single cup and wrapping it in a double layer of newspaper. Secure the paper with tape and place the cup inside of the box.

You want to make sure you place the cups upside down and pay special attention to the handles, as they can easily chip or break when knocked into.

Packing Up Your Silverware

Now it is time to pack up your silverware. This may seem like the easiest of them all, but you need to pay special attention to oversized items and knives.

Many people find it easiest to place all like silverware into Ziploc bags. When it comes to your large silverware and knives, make sure you wrap them in a towel or bubble wrap to prevent any accidents.

If possible, try to find a sleeve for your sharp knife blades to protect them and you from any incidents.

Look Out for Part II

Packing up your dining room is important and you must make sure that you carefully pack up your China and dishware before the move. In part II, we will go over how to pack up the rest of your dining room.

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