How to Pack Up the Dining Room: Part 2

How to Pack Up the Dining Room: Part 2

In part I of this series we talked about how to pack up your China, dishware, cups, and silverware. In part II, we will discuss how to pack up other parts of your dining room to ensure that each piece arrives at its new destination safely.

Packing Up Your Lamps and Chandelier

If you have lamps in your dining room, you need to pay special attention to them when packing them up. While you may think it best to move the items as a whole piece, this is not recommended.

You should take the lampshade off, remove the bulb, and prep the bottom of the lamp base to ensure a safe arrival. To start, grab the lamp base and wrap it up in bubble wrap or newspaper to provide a cushion and padding. You should secure the padding with tape.

The light bulb should be tossed out if it does not work anymore. If it does, you should place it with other bulbs you plan to take with you and wrap it in bubble wrap.

The lamp shade does not have to be wrapped and should be placed inside of a towel to protect it. You want to avoid placing any additional items on top of it, as this could damage them.

Your chandelier will be tough to move and should ideally be handled by a professional, but if you cannot hire a professional, you will need to handle it with extreme care. You should remove all lightbulbs and then wrap each individual fragile piece to protect it.

Packing Up Your Dining Room Table

The next step in the process is to pack up your dining room table. To do this, you should remove any leaves from the table and return it to its traditional size. From there, you should remove any legs that can come off of the table. Wrap these legs in bubble wrap.

Once the legs are removed, secure the table and wrap it with bubble wrap or any other type of protection that you think is best for your table.

Packing Up Your Area Rugs

You do not want to take stained and dirty rugs along with you, so take some time to have them cleaned before you move. Once ready, roll up the rug as tightly as you can and secure it with ties at each end. You can then shrink wrap the rug or wrap it tightly with any type of rug tape.

Packing Up Your Miscellaneous Items

As you start to move the larger items out of your home, you will have a clear picture of what else needs to be moved. You should make sure that all items are packed securely and wrapped to help ensure they are not damaged or scratched in the process.

You will not be able to wrap and pack everything the day of the move, so you must start early on and work towards your end goal. Once everything is ready to go, simply load it onto the moving truck and head out.

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